Royal Byng College offers a variety of contract corporate training services tailored to the needs of the local business community.  Whether you want to improve the level of English used at the job site, wish to train your English-speaking employees to work in Mandarin Chinese or wish to offer Professional Development to your workforce, Royal Byng is equipped to supply that need.

Each Royal Byng course or seminar is designed specifically for the requirements of a corporate client and is offered by the client to their employees — workers, managers or executives — at a time and place of their choosing. Training can be done on-site at the business location, in our classrooms at Royal Byng College or at any other location that is convenient.

Whatever type of training would help your business function more efficiently, whether in an English-speaking or Chinese-speaking environment, contact Royal Byng College and let our experienced course designers and trainers put together a program that delivers what your company and its workforce need to function at a higher level in the Canadian and international business environment.


English Programs

The type of training available ranges from Workplace Communication and

Business English to more finely-focused classes on such topics as Presentation Skills and Telephone English. Royal Byng can also offer Basic Survival English training plus Resume Writing and Job Search guidance for employees of companies that are downsizing and wish to give their departing employees assistance in the transition to a new job.


Companies which have a large proportion of employees applying for Permanent Resident status or Citizenship in Canada may also benefit for our trainers in this area, including Registered Immigration Consultants.


Chinese Language Programs

For companies who would like their employees to be able to do business in a Chinese-language context, Royal Byng College offers the Royal Byng College Chinese as a Second Language corporate training program. This program trains students in all the aspects of both written and spoken Modern Standard Chinese (i.e. Putonghua 普通or Mandarin) beginning at the most basic literacy and pronunciation levels and progressing in stages to the Upper Intermediate level, a respectable level of competency in communication.


These programs do not require approval by the registrar of the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Post-Secondary Education and Future Skills. As such, the registrar did not review these programs.