Royal Byng College ESL – Learn Everyday English

Royal Byng’s English as a Second Language Programs are a set of seven, four-week, daily courses designed to serve students varying in proficiency level from Starter/Zero Beginner to High Advanced/Professional User level. You can start with literacy or basic interpersonal English and work your way through to the level of professional and workplace English.

ESL at Royal Byng College concentrates on making you a better everyday communicator, able to understand, and be understood, in a wide variety of situations and trains you to use all aspects of English, including pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar to get your message across accurately.

Royal Byng College ESL may be taken in class, or online. All lessons, in-class or online, are delivered to the class group by a live instructor.

The proficiency levels for each Royal Byng College ESL course and their equivalencies are shown below. Each stated proficiency level constitutes the admission requirements for that course and must be demonstrated with a score report from a recognized national or international English proficiency exam, by achieving the required score on the Royal Byng College English Proficiency Exam or by completing the next lowest level of Royal Byng ESL with a grade of at least C (60%).


Royal Byng

College Level

1 (Starter) Ø Ø Ø 0 – 125 Ø 0 – 160 0 – 8
2 (Elementary) Ø A1 KET 255 0 – 23 350 20
3 (Pre-Intermediate) 1 A2 PET 405 24 – 43 440 41
4 (Intermediate 1) 3 B1 FCE 525 36 – 41 510 61
5 (Intermediate 2) 3 B2 FCE 625 50 – 57 550 84
6 (Advanced 1) 4 C1 CAE 725 58 – 64 590 90
7 (Advanced 2) 4 C2 CPE – B 875 80 – 90 615 105

Each full-length course runs 3 hours every weekday (15 hours a week) for 4 weeks for a total of 60 hours of instruction.

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Domestic Students Application Fee: $150
Domestic Students Tuition Fee: $1500
This program does not require approval by the Private Training Institutions Branch of the Ministry of Post-Secondary Education and Future Skills

International Students Application Fee: $150
International Students Tuition Fee: $4000
This program has been approved by the registrar of the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Post-Secondary Education and Future Skills